Single-unit house Mijas 038

Mijas (Málaga)

The corner house

On our first visit to the property we were impressed by the views. To the southeast part we were able to see some parts of Lagar Martel. To the northeast we could admire the Sierra de Mijas.

Although the property had a slight view of the Sierra through a landscape window located on the upper floor, we decided the property should have a southwest orientation.

The house was a corner house.  It had four levels. The first level was sunk at the front of the property. The only remaining visible part would be the entrance and the parking space.

The importance of sunlight

It was something essential for our clients that natural sunlight should flood every room in the property. As research claims, natural light does not only make a house more comfortable and energy efficient but also has a positive effect on mood. For this reason, all spaces received a great deal of light. The bedrooms and the living-room on the ground floor received light from the garden, whilst the rooms on the first floor received it from the terrace. Even the wine cellar located in the basement allowed for natural light.

A sun pipe was installed for natural light. Being 7 metres long this would transport the light from the front of the house until the basement.

All this led to a house with wonderful views and the best features.