Our architecture proposal


Contemporary: “Existing or happening now. Belonging to the same or a stated period in the past.”  At Criz Arquitectura we are defined by the contemporary. But could it be any different? At Criz Arquitectura we understand the values that underline our current society are efficiency, sustainability, respect for the environment and respect for one another. A humanist look as opposed to the industrialisation from the beginning of the XIX century.

We also aim to take back the sensory experiences through hearing, touch and smell in contrast to the culture of the image imposed by social media.

We may look at the sea or a piece of art and it would be pleasing to our physical senses, but we think that to feel is what elevates us as humans. As they say in The Little Prince: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”

Ran Ortner is an American hyperrealist artist whose biggest muse is the sea. When standing in front of Ortner’s paintings you will be impressed by the realism and fine detail but, more importantly, by the ability his work has to take you somewhere else. The sea, the water temperature, the roar of the waves will captivate your senses as well as your heart.


Passivhaus Es

Our philosophy

To do our work well. Working side by side with our client throughout a project to offer them a great experience. Assist them through all the stages of the project in order to achieve the best possible result in terms of design, quality, costs and deadlines.

Being up-to-date. Being an architect involves constant learning. New software and materials are constantly evolving. At Criz Arquitectura we understand it is crucial to be constantly in touch with new companies, technicians and artists from different art fields in order to offer the best personalised solutions to our clients.

Architecture is a reflection of our present and future society. Our current society is concerned with recycling, the incorporation of energy efficiency in our homes and the environment. Contemporary architecture should aim for sustainability and energy saving through the use of active and passive technical housing solutions.

Getting to know the client undoubtedly represents a key stage in what we do. We like being in the client’s shoes through their taste and hobbies and by being part of their fondest memories- such as that little corner at their grandparents’ house they adored- and finding out why is without a doubt a great tool for the development of our work.

The psychologist Anders Ericsson proposed through his 10,000-hour-rule that every person can become an expert at anything by practising a minimum of 10,000 hours. We think that no one but our clients can be their own experts. Transmitting such knowledge is crucial when designing spaces that are in line with our clients’ lifestyles, ways of thinking and demands.

Sustainability and innovation

The importance of looking forward:

The definition of sustainability, although broad and diverse, has been distorted by our current society. The industry is in constant change bringing us better control of energy and economic resources through new technology. Leed, Verde, Passivhaus, Well and Breeam are some of the best-known Sustainable Energy Certifications. These Certifications have been created with the purpose of decreasing greenhouse effect’s (such as our carbon footprint) as well as creating healthier environments which are less reliable on conventional energy. Our philosophy is inspired by these new ways of using energy.

The importance of looking back to the past:

If we look back at our previous architectural heritage and even before the industrial revolution, architecture still did not have the technology for creating micro-climates at home that could be tailored to our needs. However, we can learn from passive bioclimatic strategies from the past that the new “green revolution” is bringing. House orientation, shading, thermal enclosure, thermal bridges and cooling through ventilation are old design tools that we understand must be incorporated to our projects, whether they are small housing or larger building projects.

It is on this approach where Criz Arquitectura focus their work:  building in a more efficient way, reducing costs associated with energy consumption, or in other words, the energy-efficient mortgage associated with the construction of a house and how to build a property that makes a more positive impact on the environment and our society.