Single-unit house Estepona 039

Estepona (Málaga)

Initial ideas

This property was located in Malaga right next to the sea.

The climate in Malaga is mild in Winter, with very soft minimum temperatures and also mild in summer due to its proximity to the sea.  Annual rainfall is low although there are some rain storms.

We can say Malaga has the perfect climate for the use of passive energy techniques and decreasing energy demand and therefore power consumption (almost not needing to rely on air-conditioning systems)

Our costumer’s request: A house in the shade

Through the first meetings our costumers showed their concerns about the garden. They wanted a garden and a swimming pool area, but they could not bear long hours of sun. As first measure our team decided to suspend one of the bedrooms from the first floor. This would allow a great shaded space in the garden and enjoy sharing moments with their loved ones while being protected from the sun.

Passive design strategies

Continuous cantilever beams were used for the front design of the main rooms: bedrooms, living-room and kitchen. With this measure we would achieve sunnier areas in Winter that would result in lower heating consumption in this season and lower air-conditioning consumption in summer due to a greater shaded area. In addition, the use or the right insulation thickness, windows and carpentry would allow for minimum power consumption.

Looking forward to the future

Home automation is in great demand by our clients. Smart homes are now a reality. Our client in this case was sure he wanted to implement this option. Switches are already obsolete elements destined to disappear. Nowadays, through infrared motion sensors, motion sensors, twilight sensors, tablets or smartphones it is simple and straightforward to switch on lights, fans or air-conditioning systems. Hence our client’s demand.

All in all, a smart home that made their life more comfortable.