Single-unit house Calicasas 044

Calicasas (Granada)

The Hórreo

After the first few interviews with our client we noticed that they had a great admiration for the “hórreo” that their grandparents built at their house. 
Their grandparents are currently using it as a warehouse, and the space on inferior shade was used to park their car and have lunch and dinner during the summer. However, if looking at it from an architectural perspective, that construction was a lot more than that. 
Clearly it was the kind of great architecture in terms of rationality, functionality and efficiency that we value in Criz Arquitectura and that was the reason we decided to use it as a starting point. 

The ground drop, the views and the natural light

After visiting the parcel, we discovered that its ground drop (11 meters) was going to have a big impact on the house building project. However, that ground drop was very beneficial because the house would have full access to Granada’s wonderful landscape and natural light. 


Our clients showed an interest in maintaining a high level of privacy, a difficult feat given the area in which the house was going to be constructed. However, the ground drop and final positioning of the house allowed us to successfully complete this objective. Metaphorically speaking, It allowed us to build their personal private space at the top of a beautiful tree.